Devon Energy Corporation, either directly or through one its affiliates or subsidiaries (collectively “Devon”), from time to time, requests personal data from individuals with whom it conducts business, including, but not limited to, such individual’s social security number and/or tax identification number (“Personal Information”). Devon is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and security of your Personal Information. This Privacy Statement discusses the steps we take to protect Personal Information collected on our website. By accessing our content, you consent to the data collection and use practices described in this Privacy Statement.


Data collected directly from visitorsIn most instances, you can visit our website without providing any Personal Information. However, on some pages, we may request certain Personal Information to provide a service or process a transaction you request. Personal Information we collect may include, but is not limited to:

  • IP地址和cookie之类的标识符;
  • Biographical, demographic, and professional information (e.g. date of birth, age, gender, job ti-tle/position, marital status and dependent, spousal and other family information);
  • Information regarding your nationality and country of residence that allows us to determine your eligibility under export control regulations to receive information about certain technolo-gies;
  • Contact details, such as your name, title, company/organization name, email address, tele-phone and fax numbers, and physical address;
  • Division orders, leases, inquiries, public records, and other documents submitted by an indi-vidual or their representative or gathered by Devon while managing ownership interests and revenue distributions associated with an oil and gas property;
  • 互联网活动数据(例如,有关您的设备,浏览操作和使用cookie,Web信标和类似技术的信息信息;
  • Location data (e.g. data derived from your IP address, country and zip code) and the precise ge-olocation of your mobile device where we have provided notice and choice

You are not required to provide this information. However, if you elect not to provide the requested information, we may not be able to provide the requested service or complete your transaction.

Data collected by automated means我们收集有关我们网站所有访问者的某些数据,包括他们访问的页面,传输的字节数,它们在每个页面中单击的链接以及我们网站中采取的其他操作。在您访问的某些页面上,我们可以将此信息与我们的身份联系起来,以确定您在运营中的潜在利益。我们还可以使用此信息来改善我们的安全措施。此外,我们收集您浏览器发送给您访问的每个网站的某些标准信息,例如您的Internet协议(IP)地址,您的浏览器类型以及功能和语言,操作系统,您访问网站的日期和时间以及您链接到我们网站的网站。从德文郡收到付款的个人被分配了与个人个人信息无关的唯一内部标识号。但是,德文郡必须收集个人信息,以满足某些法律和监管要求,包括但不限于向个人向国税局和其他税务机关报告付款的义务。您应该知道,德文郡将在提交1099表格以付款(例如收入分配)时,将使用并向政府机构(包括国税局)提供此类个人信息。

Data gathered through social media pages.When you communicate with us through a Devon Social Media Page, we may receive Personal Information about you such as your user name, profile picture, hometown, email address, or gender. We will use any Personal Information received from social media in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Data collected through advertising and social media cookies。这些cookie用于在包括社交媒体在内的第三方网站上显示的广告,并根据您的喜好量身定制,并帮助我们衡量广告活动的有效性。如果您停用这些cookie,则在您浏览网络时,广告(包括我们的)将继续显示,尽管它们并不针对您的个人利益,因此不太重要。


Devon will use Personal Information only for the purposes set forth below.

Services and TransactionsWe use Personal Information to provide information about Devon services and facilitating use of our website. We strive to offer a consistent experience in interacting with Devon. To accomplish this objective, information collected by our website may be combined with information we collect by other means.

Website ImprovementWe may use data about you to improve our website, or to make our website easier to use by eliminating the need for you to repeatedly enter the same information, or by customizing our website and accompanying webpages to your individual preference or interests.

Employment Applications。在工作应用程序中,您为我们提供了有关您自己的数据,包括您的教育背景,简历或课程,以及其他信息。我们可能会在整个德文郡,其子公司和分支机构及其合资企业以供就业考虑的整个中使用这些信息。除非您指示我们不要这样做,否则我们将保留信息以备将来考虑。


Except as described below, Personal Information you provide to Devon via our website will not be shared outside of Devon without your consent.


Disclosures in connection with acquisitions or divestitures.由于商业原因,德文郡决定出售,购买,合并或以其他方式重组或重新利用某些商业活动的情况,可能会出现情况。此类交易可能涉及向潜在购买者或实际购买者披露个人信息,或从潜在或实际卖方收到该数据。尽管德文郡的常规做法是寻求这些类型的交易中的信息保护,但我们不能保证与这些交易中的任何一项从德文郡接收此类数据的任何实体都将符合本隐私声明的所有条款。Privacy Statement



To the extent permitted by applicable law, we retain Personal Information we obtain about you as long as it is needed for the purpose(s) for which we obtained it (in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Statement), or we have a lawful basis to do so for retaining that information beyond the period for which it is necessary to serve the original purpose for obtaining the Personal Information.


Devon is committed to protecting the security of Personal Information. While no security measure can guarantee against potential compromise of information, Devon employs a variety of security procedures and technologies to help protect data against unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. For example, we store Personal Information you provide on computer systems with limited access that are in cloud storage repositories.

For websites to which you log in, it is your responsibility to ensure the security of your password and to not share this information with others. If you are sharing a computer with anyone, you should always log out before leaving a website to ensure that other subsequent users will not be able to access your data.


Our website may contain links to other websites, including those of other companies, professional and government organizations, and publications. These websites operate independently from our website, and we do not control and are not responsible for the content, security or privacy practices employed by other websites. You should review the privacy statements of those websites to determine how they protect and use Personal Information.


This is a general audience website. Our services, including our websites, platforms and applications, are not directed to children and we do not knowingly collect any Personal Information from children. If we learn that we’ve collected Personal Information of a child under the age of 14, we will use reasonable efforts to delete such information from our systems in a timely manner.


您可以提交请求以审查和纠正通过我们的网站收集的个人信息,或提交有关个人信息的任何查询或疑虑,通过与我们的隐私办公室联系,请与我们的隐私办公室联系,以与本隐私声明的“如何联系我们”部分或提交Privacy Statement英雄联盟竞彩软件亚博通过我们的询问隐私联系表

为了帮助保护您的隐私,我们采取合理的步骤来验证您的身份,然后才能访问您的信息。You can help us to keep data about you accurate by notifying us of any change to your mailing address, phone number, or email address.


在某种程度上提供的法律jurisdiction, you may have the right to (1) access certain Personal Information we maintain about you; (2) request that we update, correct, amend, erase, or restrict your Personal Information; or (3) exercise your right to data portability. Where provided by law, you may withdraw consent you previously provided to us or object at any time to the processing of your Personal Information on legitimate grounds relating to your situation, and we will apply your preferences going forward as appropriate.

To exercise these rights, please submit any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding Personal Information contacting our Privacy Office at the address in the How to Contact Us section of this Privacy Statement, or by submitting an inquiry through our隐私联系表


In the event you consider our processing of your Personal Information not to be compliant with the applicable data protection laws, you can initiate an inquiry or concern you may have regarding Personal Information contacting our Privacy Office at the address in the How to Contact Us section of this Privacy Statement, or by submitting an inquiry through our隐私联系表

California residents seeking to exercise rights afforded to them under the California Consumer Privacy Act may learn more about those rights and the contacts that may be used to submit requests to exercise those rights in our加州Supplemental Privacy Statement


如果您对本隐私声明或我们处理个人信息有任何疑问,请通过填写我们的Privacy Statement英雄联盟竞彩软件亚博隐私联系表,或通过邮件:


Attn: Privacy Office

333 West Sheridan Avenue

Oklahoma City, OK 73034

更改本隐私声明Privacy Statement

Devon reserves the right to occasionally update this privacy statement. When we do, we will revise the “effective” date at the top of the privacy statement. You should revisit this page periodically to become aware of the most recent privacy terms; your use of the website after such changes have been posted constitutes your agreement to such changes. If this Privacy Statement conflicts with a contract with an individual providing Personal Information or provision of law, such contract or law shall supersede and control over this Privacy Statement.


Our加州Supplemental Privacy Statementprovides additional information regarding our collection and use of Personal Information relating to California residents (through both online channels and offline channels), rights afforded to California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), and contacts California residents may use in seeking to exercise those rights.