Aiming for industry-leading performance


To continuously improve our environmental performance, Devon is proactive and results-oriented. We consider the potential impacts of our operations when planning activities and making decisions. We strive to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, often going above and beyond what’s required. In the process, we incorporate technology, tools and best practices to help minimize or avoid effects on air, water, land and wildlife.

Devon seeks to work with contractors who share our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our contractors must adequately train their personnel to perform environmentally sound work and have programs to comply with applicable environmental laws, rules and regulations. Contractors as well as employees have responsibility to stop work to prevent spills or other environmental issues. Starting in 2023, contractors who perform work on Devon locations will complete annual assessments to help us evaluate their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance in key areas.

Devon has established a track record of environmental performance improvements. To document progress on our long-standing priority to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) and methane emissions, we’ve responded to the CDP climate change survey for 18 consecutive years.


Transparency is important to our stakeholders and keeps us accountable for our results. Devon tracks specific metrics for GHG and methane emissions, flaring, spills, energy use, water use and others. We’ve consistently increased our disclosures in recent years and continue to share this information in this report and other public disclosures. For additional metrics and details on our environmental practices, please refer to our Climate Change Assessment Report and CDP responses.



  • 与2020年相比,2021年的范围1和范围2基于位置的GHG排放量为19%,甲烷排放量为13%。

  • Reduced Scope 1 and Scope 2 location-based GHG emissions intensity 19% and methane emissions intensity 16% in 2021 compared to 2020.

  • 与2020年相比,2021年的耀斑体积强度降低了36%。

  • 发布了我们的更新2021气候变化评估报告aligned with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.

  • 设定了雄心勃勃的目标,以进一步降低运营的碳强度,最大程度地减少淡水使用并建设性地与我们的价值链接触。

  • 成为天然气技术研究所(GTI)Veritas倡议的创始赞助商,该计划旨在以一致,可信和透明的方式证明可验证的甲烷排放减少。

  • Joined the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership 2.0 (OGMP 2.0) and committed to its globally recognized, gold standard reporting framework.

  • 通过承诺每年使用OGI摄像机进行调查,并半年一次使用OGI摄像机调查我们的所有生产资产,从而增强了我们的自愿泄漏检测和修复计划(LDAR)计划,以及2022年在我们生产的20%的连续监测上,连续监测。


  • Used 61 million barrels of recycled water in 2021, an increase of 65% compared to 2020.

  • 自2015年以来,我们已经从水处理设施中重新考虑了超过2亿桶的水。


  • 成立了德文郡的生物多样性委员会,该理事会制定并实施了企业范围的标准,并寻求机会增强德文郡拥有的地面土地的生物多样性价值。


  • 设定的2022独立排放减少目标占公司总记分卡的15%。







EHS委员会由德文郡的业务单元d operations leaders, helps protect our social license to operate and advance our culture of environmental stewardship. The council sets environmental strategy and goals, tracks performance and evaluates the effectiveness of our environmental policies, protocols and practices. To continuously improve our performance, the group reviews environmental incidents and near misses, develops corrective actions as needed and shares best practices across Devon. Council members hold regular discussions with field production leaders to update them on rapidly evolving stakeholder expectations about climate change and environmental performance.


counc长期成功,德文郡的地位il reviews emerging EHS and ESG issues, as well as proposed laws and regulations and their potential financial, operational and reputational impact on the company.

The council drives industry-leading environmental performance by developing environmental goals that are approved by the board as part of our executive compensation formula. In 2021, we set goals to reduce flaring intensity, increase voluntary leak detection and repair (LDAR) surveys and lower our spill rate. The EHS team’s post-merger priorities included integrating environmental data and protocols from our two legacy companies, which it completed in the first quarter of 2022. Full implementation of our integrated environmental policies, protocols and practices is expected by year-end 2022.

Our 2022 corporate goals include a standalone emissions reduction goal with a 15% weighting and an ESG & community engagement goal with a 15% weighting—together accounting for 30% of the company’s performance scorecard. Our corporate goals and medium- and long-term goals challenge Devon to improve our performance and hold us accountable for producing oil and natural gas in an environmentally responsible way.

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Environment Performance Metrics1
*Unless otherwise noted, all data presented is pro forma (Devon + WPX) for U.S. operated assets.
2019 2020 2021
Direct GHG Emissions(Scope 1) (million tonnes CO2e)2 4.65 3.91 3.08v
By Constituent
Carbon Dioxide(million tonnes CO2e) 3.66 3.39 2.64
Methane(million tonnes CO2e) 0.99 0.52 0.45
Nitrous Oxide(million tonnes CO2e) 0.003 0.002 0.002
By Source
Flaring/Venting(million tonnes CO2e) 2.61 1.92 1.46
燃烧(million tonnes CO2e) 1.84 1.95 1.60
Other(million tonnes CO2e) 0.19 0.04 0.03
用电力使用的间接温室气体排放(Scope 2 location-based) (million tonnes CO2e)3 0.27 0.32 0.34v
直接和间接的温室气体排放(Scope 1 and Scope 2 location-based) (million tonnes CO2e)2,3 4.91 4.23 3.42
Direct GHG Emissions Intensity(Scope 1) (tCO2e/MBoe)2 17.22 14.10 11.11
直接和间接的温室气体排放强度(Scope 1 and Scope 2 location-based) (tCO2e/MBoe)2 18.20 15.27 12.33
使用销售产品的间接温室气体排放(Scope 3) (million tonnes CO2e)4,5 48 49 73
我们报告了从不由德文郡拥有或控制的来源的股权基础上使用销售产品的间接排放;但是,重要的是要注意,范围3排放估计值可能会出现不确定性,不一致和重复,如本报告的空气排放部分所述。2021年,由于德文郡(Devon)2021年的10-K年度报告中报道的净资产产量增加,德文郡的估计范围3排放量增加。2019年和2020年估计的范围3排放仅是传统德文郡,而2021年反映了Pro-Forma Devon + WPX。
Methane Emissions Intensity(Scope 1) (tCO2e/MBoe)2 3.65 1.94 1.62
Methane Emissions Intensity - Production Segment(Scope 1) (% of natural gas produced)6 0.31% 0.19% 0.18%
Flaring Intensity(% of natural gas produced)7 2.21% 1.48% 0.94%
使用的能源 - 燃料和用电(trillion BTU)3 32.87 31.36 27.18
用水量(百万bbl)8 141 98 116
回收(百万bbl) 34 37 61
来源(百万bbl) 107 61 55
用水强度(Bbl/Boe produced)8 0.5 0.3 0.4
用水强度(million Bbl/well completion)8 0.3 0.3 0.4
水回收率(回收的水bbl/用水量bbl)8 24% 38% 53%
Devon's total water use for completions activities varies with activity levels, targeted formations and lateral lengths, and includes fresh, non-fresh and recycled water volumes. We seek alternatives to fresh water supplies, where possible.
可报告的溢出事件发布给环境(events)9 336 246 280
Reportable Spill Volumes Released to the Environment(桶)9 4,505 4,042 5,705
2我们将所有可报告的排放量包括在EPA的温室气体报告计划(GHGRP)下,用于Devon操作的设施,以及我们生产资产的不可报告的排放,从2019年报告年开始,收集和增强资产。我们使用EPA GHGRP下报告的所有报告段中报告的总生产计算发射强度。
4我们报告了未由德文郡拥有或控制的来源的股权基础上使用出售产品(范围3)的间接排放。为了估算我们的范围3排放,我们依靠IPIECA的2016年指导文件估计石油行业价值链(范围3)温室气体排放。Per the IPIECA guidance, we report category 11 “Use of Sold Products” by calculating combustion emissions for our oil, natural gas and marketed natural gas liquids products using emission factors obtained from the EPA and net equity production reported in Devon’s 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K.
5Performance is limited to legacy Devon performance only in 2019 and 2020 and pro-forma Devon + WPX in 2021, using net equity production reported in Devon's 2021 Annual Report on Form 10-K for all three years.
6Our methane emissions intensity rate calculation includes all natural gas produced at Devon operated facilities and all methane emissions from Devon operated facilities associated with the production of oil and natural gas.
Click here to see Devon's calculation methodology for methane emissions intensity
7Our flaring intensity rate calculation includes high-pressure flared volumes associated with the production of oil and natural gas.
8Our water usage includes all water sources used in completions activities at facilities operated by Devon in 2021.
VERM CVS provided limited assurance in relation to Devon’s Total Scope 1 GHG emissions and Total Scope 2 GHG emissions (location-based method) for the reporting period January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. For more information see: