Every leader, employee and contractor at Devon is expected to actively participate in making Devon a safe place to work. Our values guide us to do what’s right, manage risk, stop work, and support and empower each other to stay safe. We empower our team by providing comprehensive resources to help them work safely and measuring leading and lagging indicators to drive improvement. Setting corporate safety goals and incorporating safety metrics into our compensation focuses everyone at Devon on the actions that will make us safer.

We’re committed to integrating the guiding principles in our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Philosophy into all decisions that affect our operations. Compliance with applicable safety laws, regulations, policies and protocols is one of these principles, and we reinforce it in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, EHS Policy and safety orientation, training and engagements.





在2021年,理事会在德文郡和WPX合并后识别和推进安全重点的关键作用。到年底,理事会已经为ESG和EHS目标的目标和战略提出了建议,并转移到了传统的WPX承包商管理系统和集中事件管理报告。Legacy Company数据,EHS协议和培训的集成在2022年继续进行。


Building on our positive EHS culture

Encouraging a strong EHS culture at Devon is an ongoing priority for the EHS Council and to the broader organization. We believe that the care and concern we show our workforce can have a positive impact on their safety and health at work and at home. We’ve learned from our field leaders that transparent communications, positive safety behaviors, proactive reporting and safely meeting operational goals are both signs and outcomes of a healthy EHS culture. The council assesses our EHS culture regularly to identify the most effective approaches and programs to foster strong safety performance.

We begin instilling our safety culture on an employee’s first day on the job. During new-hire orientation, they learn the safety behaviors we expect and incorporate into the employee appraisal process: visible commitment, accountability, anticipation, participation, recognition and communication. We keep the safety conversation and engagement going throughout their career.

Job competency is one of our EHS guiding principles, and we emphasize the quality of safety training over the quantity. A combination of online and hands-on training is offered to office and field workers based on their job responsibilities. All employees and contractors must complete our field safety briefing if they work on or visit field locations. Contractors also must complete our Devon Orientation through Veriforce, our third-party contractor performance network. Our training reinforces our requirement to immediately report any incident or near-miss event and to be accountable for our own and others’ safety.

The people working closest to the wellhead play a critical role in shaping our EHS culture. To actively seek their input, three production field offices (Gillette, Wyoming, Killdeer, North Dakota, and Carlsbad, New Mexico) formed field safety committees. These committees comprise of operators, technicians, optimizers and other field personnel. They meet monthly to discuss issues and concerns from the field and make recommendations for improvement. Some examples include: replacing pneumatic actuated dumps with electric actuated dumps in treater buildings to reduce lower explosive limit (LEL) levels, installing appropriate platforms and laddering on rod pump units to provide proper fall protection for operators, and developing additional Job Hazard Analyses (JHA) for higher risk activities.

To foster our positive EHS culture and behaviors, in 2021 Devon developed the Safe Work Award Program (SWAP) to recognize and reward proactive reporting for contractors and employees who go beyond minimum EHS requirements. Through SWAP, which combines elements of recognition programs from both legacy companies, each business unit can present up to three employees per month with a $200 recognition award. Business units are also allotted $1,500 per quarter to recognize the best near miss, good catch or hazard identification.

Engaging our workforce

Our Hearts and Minds workshops have been a core element of our safety engagement efforts with service, rig and contract drilling crews and leaders across Devon since 2014. During the workshops, we share our safety culture and approach to effective communication, continuous improvement, integrity and situational awareness to reduce safety risk.

我们的内容适应满足工作的需要force and business, which prompted us to recognize the ongoing impacts COVID-19 in our 2021 workshops and onboardings. Participants told us they appreciated the honest discussions about mental health and tools to address mental health issues, including Devon’s Employee Assistance Program, and suicide prevention and crisis hotline information. Hearts and Minds continues to be a place to talk openly about challenges and listen to our workforce as we drive home why safety is so important to Devon.

Participant feedback from our Hearts and Minds workshops:


“Hearts & Minds will motivate you to be as safe as you can throughout the day and make it home to your family every day. I really feel like this workshop helps us become better people at the end of the day.”

“This course made me believe that Devon really does care about my safety.”





作为整合的最佳实践的一部分,2021年我们transitioned to Veriforce for third-party contractor verification and management. Our Veriforce dashboard allows us to monitor a contractor’s compliance with our EHS, insurance, OSHA verification and other requirements, and enables contractors to upload needed documentation. In addition, we use a separate third-party service to monitor contractors’ compliance with our drug and alcohol policy.

We require contractors to perform high-quality, safe and environmentally sound work. Contractors are expected to provide and retain quality personnel who are adequately trained to perform their jobs safely, and we work constantly to raise the level of contractor safety performance through training and engagement.

Contractors must complete the widely used SafeLand, RigPass or equivalent safety training to work with Devon, unless specifically exempted by our EHS Contractor Management protocol. These programs and Devon’s contractor safety orientation are available on the Veriforce eLearning platform. Our field orientation reviews critical safety rules for specific activities performed on field locations, such as fall protection, confined space, hot work, energy isolation, spill prevention and waste management, among others. Oil haulers and all other contractors who work in transportation must complete safety briefings specific to their work. Devon’s company website provides contractors with easy access to our safety requirements, expectations, protocols, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), forms and tools.


Leadership engagements in the field can have a positive impact on our workforce, safety performance and operational excellence. Our field personnel wear hard hat stickers that say “Ask me my reason for working safely” to encourage safety-related engagements. The conversations that result often reveal that people work safely so they can return home to their family and friends — a higher motivation than simply following procedures.


对于在德文郡地点上工作的承包商,我们计划在2023年开始对其在关键ESG地区的表现进行年度评估。我们已经开始与Veriforce合作开发Devon ESG模块,以添加到我们的承包商仪表板中,以帮助我们实现这一目标。我们相信这将有助于我们了解承包商如何与我们的核心ESG优先事项保持一致,鼓励与直接在我们的工作站点上执行服务的承包商建设性交往,并最终增强我们的供应商关系。

Auditing field and process compliance


More than half of the audit time is spent at field locations, focusing on sites where work is under way so auditors can engage employees and contractors. Auditors also check training, competency and inspection records and other documentation. We share trends observed and lessons learned during audits across the company to drive improvement.

Devon’s internal audit team provides an additional layer of review by performing operational audits in our field offices to examine processes and controls for supply chain, inventory, fleet management and other functions. Internal audit also periodically assesses the field audit process and recommends improvement opportunities. For example, Devon internal auditors suggested including guest auditors in business unit audits to provide an independent voice.

审计也导致toll-f精简ree number for ethics, EHS and other issues across all Devon locations. Over time, the corrective actions we complete to address audit findings can lead to safety, operational and process improvements.



We achieved our corporate safety goals in 2021 by reducing our SIF event rate (for employees + contractors) to 0.07 per 200,000 hours worked, which was significantly lower than the goal and the 2020 rate, and utilizing SIF learnings throughout Devon to prevent future occurrences. We believe this resulted from the open and transparent evaluation and integration of legacy company best practices following the merger, as well as our focus on safe operations throughout the year. We place special emphasis on the SIF rate because we want to prevent life-threatening and life-altering incidents, and to understand high-risk near misses to help us improve.

SIF investigations are led by each business unit and reviewed and shared by the EHS Council. In 2021, they identified root causes and assigned a wide range of corrective actions, including coaching vendor rig crews, adding trainings, changing and increasing training on protocols, and updating policies. During the higher-risk summer holidays, the drilling and completions team recorded zero SIFs by increasing communications, engagements and re-focus meetings.


To give a comprehensive view of our safety performance, Devon also tracks the Days Away Restricted Rate (DART), Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for employees and contractors. In 2021, our TRIR (for employees + contractors) increased 14% compared to 2020, with hand and finger injuries accounting for 42% of recordable injuries in 2021. We started off 2022 with a companywide stand-down to have meaningful discussions on preventing hand and finger injuries. In addition, workover operations team leaders gave crews custom Devon gloves and encouraged them to wear them and take to heart the message printed on the wrist: “MY Fingers = MY Future = MY Family.” To keep the injury prevention conversation going, many crews hung a special Devon alert in their workspace.

2022 corporate safety goals



Guided by our values to always do what’s right, support each other and proactively manage risk, we continue to empower the entire Devon team with the culture, tools and processes to work safely.