Increasing opportunities

Devon’s future employees must have strong technical know-how and creative problem-solving skills to help us deliver affordable oil and natural gas in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

We believe investing in education can help us build the workforce we need to achieve our technology leadership goals and our vision for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Our social investments are focused on building student capabilities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We’re particularly interested in increasing the representation of girls, minorities and rural communities in STEM fields. These groups are a growing part of the workforce whose talents will be needed to help fill the growing number of STEM-related jobs at Devon and in our industry.

As technology for our industry rapidly evolves and transforms our company, people with diverse backgrounds and new ways of looking at problems can help us innovate. We need technology solutions to drill and produce oil and gas efficiently, achieve our aggressive emissions reduction targets and improve safety. At the same time, we’re committed to addressing racial and social inequality wherever it is found, and our investments in STEM education support progress in both of these important areas.



Devon has supported STEM education with grants to teachers and school programs, investments in STEM centers and contributions to STEM-focused programs for over a decade. We significantly enhanced our STEM capabilities in 2019 by convening local and national nonprofits, corporations and private foundations to develop a new STEM model.

One of our partners, the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, has been a driving force in changing how students and families interact with STEM resources in schools and communities. The Ripken Foundation transforms outdated school rooms into state-of-the-art STEM resource spaces where STEM learning becomes increasingly integrated into children’s education. Teachers receive training and STEM resources to inspire students and increase their understanding of basic circuitry, coding, robotics, engineering and more.

Our first STEM center was created in 2004 at Mark Twain Elementary School, Devon’s long-time partner school in Oklahoma City. Recognizing that parent involvement helps determine student success, we further enhanced Twain’s capabilities in 2021 by adding STEM camps where families work on STEM challenges together. Parents and students get hands-on experience with CAD (computer-aided design), welding, construction and math. Families can also access food banks and other social services at the camps, as well as get produce from a community garden planted in 2021. The program is so popular that there’s a waiting list to join it.

Based on the success of the STEM model at Twain, we expanded STEM resources in other areas where we operate. In 2021, we opened 108 STEM centers in elementary schools in Oklahoma City; Douglas, Wyoming; Kingfisher, Oklahoma; and Cuero, Texas. We also piloted the first middle school STEM center where students from the feeder elementary school can continue their STEM learning. In Tulsa, Oklahoma, Devon honored legacy WPX Energy by installing 47 STEM centers – one in each elementary school in the city. In 2022, Devon was instrumental in installing the first Ripken STEM centers in North Dakota, one in Dickinson and one at Edwin Loe Elementary School in New Town, the first-ever Ripken STEM center on tribal land.

Following the opening of the first-ever Ripken STEM center on tribal land, Devon representatives Christina Rehkop and Brandon Harris were awarded a star quilt from the MHA Nation. The gifts were a recognition of honor, friendship and generosity.

德文郡连接了我们的两个社区合作伙伴 - 二叠纪战略合作伙伴(PSP)和Ripken基金会 - 导致PSP批准在134个二叠纪盆地小学中添加设备齐全的STEM中心的计划。

Community STEM programs

Devon collaborates with schools and community organizations to enhance access to STEM education. We support innovative STEM programs, especially when they highlight local culture and opportunities to inspire young people to pursue STEM subjects.

Ripken STEM Grant

Our signature STEM program has made more than $1 million in grants to educators in our U.S. operating areas in the past eight years. In the Oklahoma City area, Devon’s STEM investments improved access to educational opportunities for more than 88,000 K-12 students. In addition, more than 30 Devon grant programs have enabled Oklahoma teachers to enhance their instructional time with students.


The Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation and Devon challenged educators and STEM mentors to create and submit original STEM lessons using any of the tools in the Ripken STEM Center. The challenge awards selected winners with a piece of the $5,000 prize pool. In addition to utilizing the tools, lessons were reviewed for content and creativity and had to follow the Next Generation Science Standards. New lessons built through the program will be available to all Ripken Centers across the country.


Devon is partnering with Boeing to celebrate students who commit to study STEM in college. Similar to sports signing days, our STEM signing day honors students from across the state who plan to pursue degrees in fields such as electrical engineering, aerospace and biomedical. More than 20 outstanding students were selected for the 2022 class of honorees.


Since 2018, Devon has given fifth graders a hands-on opportunity to have fun and build STEM skills while solving problems. The children come together at the University of Oklahoma Tom Love Innovation Hub to design and build prototype parade floats using 3D printers, laser cutters and other materials. They then present their creations to a panel of judges.


我们于2015年为西俄克拉荷马州委员会创建了德文郡Terra Trooper补丁,于2020年将其扩展到新墨西哥州东南部,并于2021年将其扩展到塔尔萨。德文郡地质学家和工程师开发了该计划STEM活动套件和领导者指南。到2021年底,有2,000多名女孩因完成STEM活动而获得了补丁。

This week-long SAGE (Southwest Alliance for Girls’ Enrichment) camp is designed to empower girls to think about themselves as future scientists, mathematicians and computer specialists. Campers take interactive field trips to explore various Devon departments where STEM learning has led our professionals to rewarding careers.

Our partnership with the Oklahoma and Wyoming FFA encourages students to consider the intersections of the agriculture and oil and gas industries. Across both states, 216 students participated in projects related to oil and gas in their annual Agriscience Fair in 2021.

We’ve been a sponsor of the Oklahoma FIRST Robotics regional finals since 2017. The six-week competition pairs teams of young people from across Oklahoma with local engineers, professors and business professionals to solve engineering design problems. FIRST (which stands for “For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”) is a nonprofit founded in 1989 to inspire young people to join the field of science and technology.

与社区Foundat卡尔斯巴德ion, Devon hosts a one-week STEM-focused summer camp for third through fifth graders throughout the Permian Basin region. Students identified as disadvantaged by school counselors receive free admission. The campers are exposed to STEM-related careers, and learn how to solve problems and apply critical-thinking skills during hands-on activities.

Devon cosponsors this program with the Triple-A affiliate of MLB’s Los Angeles Dodgers to recognize and reward outstanding third and fourth graders for their science and math achievements. Students from over 400 Oklahoma City classrooms are selected to receive tickets to a Dodgers game and the opportunity to attend the MVP Field Day featuring STEM activities. Teachers also receive free tickets to an Oklahoma City Dodgers game where MVPs are honored.

本文以飞行事件结合h的乐趣ot-air ballooning with an education in the science of energy for all fifth graders enrolled in Artesia Public Schools in New Mexico. Students work together to build six-foot balloon envelopes from tissue paper that will launch using heat energy. This engaging, hands-on activity focused on engineering, math and thermodynamics expands on classroom curriculum.

In this annual competition, Devon pays for students to travel to Houston to present their rocket designs to a team from NASA.

The mission of the Central Oklahoma STEM Alliance is to enhance STEM education. Devon supports COSTEMA’s STEM Leadership Academy, a virtual event that inspires educators by providing professional development opportunities centered around personal leadership, hands-on learning and peer engagement. The educators explore STEM learning and family engagement, with all their STEM learning culminating in the Scissortail Kite Festival.