We're in this together

It’s part of the Devon culture to value differences, include and empower others, and courageously address inequity where it exists. We cultivate an inclusive, diverse, equitable and respectful workplace where our employees can feel a sense of belonging. When we bring together diverse experiences and challenge ourselves to think differently, we believe it leads to innovation and creative problem-solving. Devon also engages with our communities to understand how we can make a difference beyond our workplace.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) vision:

Every person contributing to their fullest and making a positive impact every day.

To make this a reality, we have active participation from our senior leaders and committed volunteer leaders and allies. We’re expanding our DEI programming to bring more employees into the conversation, build understanding and make positive change happen.

  • 德文郡董事会认可我们的DEI努力,并密切关注我们的进步。
  • The DEI Leadership Team of executives and vice presidents champions strategies to achieve our vision and supports others by coaching, motivating, breaking down barriers and listening.
  • The volunteer DEI Team strives to proactively increase awareness, identify challenges and find innovative ways to achieve our DEI vision and strategy.
  • Our Human Resources team guides and advises the DEI Team with strategic support, tools and resources for success.
  • We set a corporate scorecard goal to expand the reach of our DEI charitable programming by cultivating relationships with new organizations in 2022, increasing our accountability for DEI progress.

Devon has been taking a deep and critical look at how we fight inequality in the company and our communities since racial strife shook our country and workforce in 2020. Our exploration of racial and social justice continued in 2021 by listening and learning from community DEI thought leaders, and engaging more employees in the DEI conversation to dispel myths and build awareness.

Most importantly, we are taking action on feedback and suggestions from employees. We’re increasing DEI learning opportunities that allow employees the chance to contribute and grow. Devon’s leadership is also demonstrating an even greater commitment to DEI.


One of our priorities is to attract and retain women in our workforce. In 2021, the number of women at Devon declined 3% and women in leadership declined by 5%, primarily because women from WPX elected not to transfer from Tulsa to Oklahoma City following our merger. In addition, our DEI Team discussions about the McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace 2021 Study revealed opportunities to make some of our policies and practices more family friendly.

Our actions in 2021 and 2022 to be more diverse, equitable and inclusive include:


  • Enhancing Devon’s paid time off policy to improve flexibility and inclusiveness.


  • 通过指导的对话,书籍学习组,外部演讲者活动和其他DEI编程来增加学习机会。
  • Implementing recruiting practices to attract diverse candidates, recognize and address bias in decision making, and create a positive candidate experience.
  • 介绍基于场景的歧视、哈拉ssment training for all employees focused on speaking up and speaking up for others.
  • Preparing diverse candidates for advancement with leadership development and mentoring opportunities.
  • Launched Women’s Leadership Learning Forum hosted by female Devon Directors to connect women leaders in exploring leadership topics and forming a meaningful network to support learning and growth.
  • Presenting the Leading High Performing Teams series on best practices in creating psychological safety, setting clear expectations, feedback and development, and reducing bias.
  • Continuing to sponsor the Women’s Energy Network of Greater Oklahoma (WEN OK) and Oklahoma Women in Tech (WIT), and to support women at Devon in being active participants and leaders in these organizations.


  • Increasing transparency by disclosing our annual U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) Report for details on our workforce by race, ethnicity and gender across EEO Commission (EEOC) job categories.
  • Making Devon Inclusion and Equity grants to 14 new organizations in Oklahoma City and the Permian Basin in 2022, based on DEI Team recommendations. We also made grants to five organizations for the second year and are expanding the program to other operating areas. See page 58 for more on our Inclusion and Equity Grants program.

Continuous improvement in Corporate Equality Index (CEI)

Devon scored 75/100 in the 2022 Human Rights Campaign (HRC) CEI, a 10-point improvement over 2021. Our CEI reflects growth across every measurement category under four central pillars:

  • Non-discrimination policies
  • Equitable benefits for LGBTQ+ workers and their families
  • Supporting an inclusive culture
  • Corporate social responsibility

The CEI is the foremost benchmarking survey and report in the U.S. measuring policies and practices related to LGBTQ+ workplace equality. Participating in the survey helps Devon measure our progress and keep improving.

Reducing barriers to entry

Our technology group created a DEI team to explore ways to attract and retain diverse employees to carry out our growing development and deployment of technology. The team started by revamping job descriptions, removing jargon and unnecessary job qualifications, and accurately portraying job responsibilities, with the goal of encouraging more candidates to apply. They have also invited other internal stakeholders to participate in the interview process, helping to ensure more balanced and less biased hiring decisions.